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Creating Awareness About The Dangers Of Chemicals

Most young people eat junk food and survive on it on a daily basis because they are too busy to cook themselves a healthy meal. They are also completely unaware of the severe dangers of eating junk food on a daily basis and of what they junk food is doing to their bodies. Sadly there are many corporations that invest a lot of money in to hiding this truth from young people in a bid to make the most amount of money. Make it your life’s goal to spread awareness among young people, about the dangers of the food industry and the terrible dangers of eating chemically laced junk food every day. The world around us is dying of cancer and many other illnesses as a result of the food that we eat on a daily basis and we can stop this if we make an effort.

Grow your own food

It would be a good idea for you to start growing your own food and to teach other young people’s how to grow their own food as well in a bid to eat as much organic food as they can. You can even start a food club which can work on teaching young people to grow their own food and bringing your produce to meetings so that you can share the food with other young people in the group. You can buy some marble pots Sydney that you can use to grow some plant seeds that you obtain from your local government or agriculture department and then sell these plants at an affordable rate to other young people with booklets and leaflets teaching them how to look after the plant and also how to grow other plants.

You might also be able to buy some cheap top quality sandstone pots Sydney that you can use to plant the food and hand out to people that you speak to when you are creating awareness. You can sell them to people for a low and affordable charge while also using up any profits that you make to print more leaflets and buy more pots and seeds to increase your work and spread more awareness.If you are looking to start a business, you can even use this to start a small business of your own where you can sell organic food to people and educate them on the need to eat more organic and chemical free food that is whole foods and not processed and chemical laced. Educate them about the dangers of chemical laced food.