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Whether you are a family of five or you’re a recently married couple living in the suburbs with your two dogs, you can get plenty of use out of knowing a few household tips and tricks that will make your everyday life a whole lot easier. Taking care of a family and a household can be a very overwhelming and an exhausting job but having a few tips and tricks to guide you along will definitely ease the process so follow the ones mentioned below as they will help you tackle everyday tasks like pro.indoor-aquaponics-

Herb Garden
One of the best things you can out your money into buying is a herb garden that you can plant indoors by the kitchen window. Indoor aquaponics are a great way to have a pet fish and also have herbs growing in your kitchen as it is a vessel that is created to house a fish and on top, herbs are planted. What happens is that the excretory items of the fish aids the growth of the herbs and provides the plants with the ultimate conditions to grow and thrive in. why spend your money on a hydroponic garden when you can also have a pet fish in the mix.

Smelly Drain
If your home suffers from a case of the smelly drain from time to time, we have the ultimate fix for it. All you need are some basic staple ingredients that you can find in your pantry without looking too far. Take a handful of baking soda mixed with water and throw it down the drain and this will help break down any food particles that may be stuck to the sides of the drain. Once you’ve left the solution to absorb into the drain for about an hour, fill up a container with hot water and vanilla essence and throw this solution down the pipe and your kitchen will immediately start smelling fresh.

Pet Food
If you have pets around the house and you can’t seem to keep the ants away from the pet food bowls, we have the perfect solution. All you need to do is to place your pet food bowl in the middle of a bowl of water and the ants will not even dare to cross over.

Kill Weeds
Are weeds taking over your garden and trying to take over your pathways in the garden? If this is the case, the best solution is to kill the weeds by throwing a jug of hot water mixed with salt over the weeds. This is very low effort requiring task as opposed to hand plucking them out of the ground in your garden. For more information, please log on to https://www.urbangreenfarms.com.au/product-page/aquasprouts-aquaponic-system.