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How To Plan Out The Bathroom Of Your House

The bathroom is a very intimate area of any house. It is the place where you enjoy a relaxing shower after a long day. It is also a very hard place to maintain correctly if you are not thoughtful about it from the beginning. Especially because bathrooms retain a lot of dampness and sometimes are among one of the places in a home that gets the least amount of ventilation and sunlight, the longevity of the original state of the area can be greatly compromised. Here are some good ideas on how you can plan out the bathroom of your home correctly from the start.

Get a good idea of the space available

If you do not have enough space allocated for this but want to install so many different things inside the bathroom it will become much cluttered and you will feel very claustrophobic as well. Therefore you need to from the start, allocate enough space for the basic essentials that need to be there. Once that has been settled properly you can take a look at if you need to accessorize and if so how you can do so in a safe and practical manner. For example, you can always use flat pack laundries if you feel that it will save you space in the bathroom.

Allow for enough ventilation

Make sure that an exhaust fan has been installed and if that is not the case allow for enough sunlight and air to come inside the bathroom. Dampness and moisture can easily accumulate in good laundry cabinets, behind them, under rugs and sinks and the likes. If left unnoticed they will cause the growth of mildew and mold. Therefore it is very important to make sure that everything is dry and clean at all times.

Give enough lighting

You cannot miss out on this one. You need to have at least three lights depending upon the setting of your bathroom so that you can easily spot if there is any water spills that you need to get rid of and avoid. Adequate lighting in a bathroom is a must not because it will simply look good but because it will actually make the area clearly visible and safe for you and your loved ones. Use non-slip carpeting wherever possible so that there will be no accidents, especially if there are kids and elderly family members. Besides, even when it comes to getting ready, you will not be able to look at yourself clearly in the mirror if there is no lighting done properly.