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If you do not want to drive over the edge on your straight driveway, choose edge with grounding base. Concrete footing in the middle of the edge and under each joint is necessary. The twisted galvanized nails must be inserted when the concrete is soft. Insert it at an angle instead of straight. This will give a firmer hold. This edge is designed to bear some driving traffic occasionally. If the edging is not to be driven over, curve is fine. It is better to keep at least 70 cm distances between the edging and the car track. This will reduce the chance of the edging being driven over. It will be strong and perfect for long. So when you choose steel edging for driveway, keep these things in mind.Gardens add some aesthetic aspect to a home. Whether a pocket garden or a large one, it is important to keep it in shape. A garden adds some colour with the flowers and leaves in your garden. Fresh air is one of the most beautiful things that one can get from a garden. To make it look nicer, it is important that it is maintained regularly. This is where we talk about edging garden. Though there are people who do not consider edging to be very important for a garden, it is no less than that. It is not that it only keeps the garden protected, but also helps in many other things.

Flower bed and grass lawn:

A simple border around a garden keeps it separate from the grass lawn. A headache for homeowners is that they need to pluck the grass from the flower bed. Either they need to do it themselves or hire someone to do it. This job is quite irritating for people. But if there is a garden edging, there is no chance of this thing. The grass will not enter the flower bed and there will be no need to pluck grass from the flower bed anymore.


This is another thing that people hate. The need of weeding will be reduced with garden landscape edging. Mulch can be kept in the bed with the help of edging.

Walking place:

You will never want your guest to tread on the flower bed. The edging will give a clear indication of where to tread and where not.

No harm to plants:

During grass removing, the mower may get into the flower bed. A sudden snapping to your flower plants can destroy its look. When there is a barrier, the mower will know where to mow and where not. This will keep the plants safe during mowing.

A border:

Just like the grass will not enter the bed, you will never want the plants to get out of this border. When there are some plants getting out of their area, you will know what to do. This will help too to keep the plants in proper shape. Snapping will never be a problem. It will also be easier to maintain the shape of the garden.Health: