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What Is Mulch?

We often face difficulties in agriculture; it is because the soil is poor. This issue is very common today, soil moisture is sometimes in disorder which needs to be fixed first then the soil will be eligible for the agricultural work. In order to fix this issue most of the farmers use mulch; mulch serves many advantages to the soil, they are used to moisture the soil, they can be used to maintain the soil temperature or they can be used to vanquish weed growth.

Mulch comes with different quality, one risk of a bad quality can ruin your soil completely because some of the mulch often have seeds of weed in it which increases the production of weed and its growth becomes uncontrollable. The quality of mulch depends upon its cost and material used in; mulch is made up of leaves, hay, straw and grass clipping and more. These materials are the reason why mulch can make soil’s temperature maintained and they can moisture the soil.  Mulch is also produced from some old things that are considered of no use, just like old carpets that are used in our houses also, we think they are useless and throw them away but there is a use of everything even it is out of service. Old carpets can make mulch, moreover rubber mulch is made of rubber of the tire which we think is useless, we throw them out but it can be recycled to make rubber mulch.

The main purpose to put mulch in the soil is to exceed the growth rate of the seeds, when the sun is up, the soil gets enough heat for the seeds, but it all vanishes until the sun goes down and the soil gets cool again. Mulch is the source from which soil gets heat for the seeds, mulch maintain the warmth and temperature required for the soil. Mulch is organic and the best mulch to use is cocoa mulch. Mulching is recommended to be done twice a year of about 3 inches of mulch to be bedded up on the soil because everything has a limit and if we exceed the limit and put mulch again and again on the soil it will create consequences. Mulch also gives a beautiful look to you garden.

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